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About Pilgrim House

Open since 2014, the Pilgrim House Welcome Center offers support and resources to pilgrims who have just finished the Camino. We invite you to come by when you’re in Santiago and explore our space and resources, sit for a bit, chat if you need to, be quiet if you need to, and in general just sit with whatever is stirring in your heart after your pilgrimage. The time between the end of the Camino and before going home can be exhilarating, disorienting, anxiety-filled, fun, and all of the above! Having a place to reflect and just be can be helpful.

Within Pilgrim House, you’ll find a living room where you can visit and catch up with fellow pilgrims and, in the back, a quiet reflection room and patio.

In addition, our Group Camino Debrief is a daily invitation to join a group of newly-arrived pilgrims and share about your Camino, focusing on the interior journey. This can be a profound time of shared experiences and unique perspectives.

Sometimes the schedule of our Group Camino Debrief doesn’t work out or maybe the things you need to process are too personal to share in a group setting. For these times we offer a Personal Camino Debrief. The structure and approach is similar to the Group Debrief, but in a much more personal and confidential setting. If this is more to your liking please schedule a time with us.

To help meet practical needs, we also offer laundry service, backpack storage, and boarding pass printing.

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