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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Pilgrim House Welcome Center?

A. Pilgrim House is located in the historic center of Santiago de Compostela, at Rúa Nova 19.


Q. Do you have beds? Can I reserve a bed for a night?

A. The Pilgrim House Welcome Center is open during daytime hours and does not have beds.


Q. Can I send my pack/ luggage ahead to Pilgrim House to hold until I arrive in Santiago?

A. We cannot accept backpacks and luggage that are sent ahead. Please use the Correos post office or Ivar Rekve’s luggage-storage service instead.


Q. Is Pilgrim House just for Americans and/or English-speakers?

A. Pilgrim House is for pilgrims of all nationalities and languages. All newly-arrived pilgrims with a pilgrim’s credential are welcome to use our facilities. Moreover, members of our staff speak English, Spanish, and some Chinese.


Q. What brought you here?

A. Like many of you, we love traveling, backpacking, and hiking. Also like many of you, we’ve searched for purpose and wondered about life. With Pilgrim House, we have a place to welcome in and celebrate fellow pilgrims, provide support and resources, and help pilgrims engage with whatever is stirring in their hearts.

Our mission is three-fold:
1. To help meet the practical needs of pilgrims.
2. To create spaces where pilgrims can gather together and share stories, maintaining that strong sense of community that forms along the Camino.
3. To provide places where pilgrims can reflect on their journey. We welcome all newly-arrived pilgrims, and for those who are spiritually seeking we encourage them to explore a historical faith rooted in the person of Jesus.


Q. Are you affiliated with a church or organization?

A. Pilgrim House is a project of One Collective, a non-profit organization that seeks to reflect Jesus’s love, compassion, and justice in all it does. Here in Spain, we’ve partnered with Iglesia Vida Nueva to form a new non-profit organization called Terra Nova. Terra Nova’s mission is to serve, care for, and celebrate the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. Pilgrim House is Terra Nova’s first project.


Q. Do you need volunteers at Pilgrim House?

A. We do need extra help during certain months at Pilgrim House. If you’d like more information, please email us at


Q. How can I support Pilgrim House?

A. All donations are gratefully accepted and will help us serve future pilgrims. Look for the donation boxes in Pilgrim House if you’d like to give while you’re in Santiago. We also invite you to become a Friend of Pilgrim House and sponsor a day of operations for $120 or 120€. Special and recurring gifts are also welcome. Please click here to learn about the opportunities to give. Thank you!

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